You will pull out your card for this concept Lumia 940

We have rumors that Microsoft is all set to launch its next high-end flagship Lumia 940 phone by 2015 Q3. Even we have some photos of the actual phone that may be released, like the one below:


Image Credit: Ashraf Amer.

But, one concept Lumia 940, visualized long before by industrial designer and freelancer Jonas Daehnert from Erfurt, Germany will blow away the original one that are expected to release in late 2015. See some photos first. All courtesy of Jonas Daehnert.

Lumia 940 Concept 3

Lumia 940 Concept 1

Lumia 940 Concept 2

Lumia 940 Concept 4

Its a stunning look and feel, seems built using a single piece of acrylic sheet, the screen is absolutely fused into the body. The red color looks gorgeous.

But Jonas didn’t stop here. Below is another iteration of same Lumia 940 that he visualized. Although this looks much closer to a real phone but not as stunning as the one above. See photos below:

Lumia 940 Concept 4

Lumia 940 Concept 12

Available in three colors. Red, Green and Black.

Lumia 940 Concept 15

Lumia 940 Concept 14

Lumia 940 Concept 13

Lumia 940 Concept 10

Lumia 940 Concept 9

Looks like the display is slightly curved on both sides. This reminds me of Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge.

Lumia 940 Concept 8

Lumia 940 Concept 7

Lumia 940 Concept 6

Lumia 940 Concept 5

Lumia 940 Concept 11

All photo credit to Jonas Daehnert.

Front view of the phone. The phone is so thin and the display is nicely fused into the body.

So, this was Jonas’s concept design of Microsoft Lumia 940. But he doesn’t stop here. In some future post, we shall look at his some other creation like Lumia 999. Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can visit Jonas’s website at PhoneDesigner.

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