Some awesome USB Drives that you will love

USB Drives are everywhere and used with almost every device from your cars to dedicated audio players, pcs, tablets, everywhere you name it. And they have become so cheap that you can even buy them for few cups of coffee.

But things were not like that when they first arrived, in the era of Floppy disk drives and more vulnerable Zip drives. I can remember, I have purchased my first USB drives for about $70 for just 256MB capacity, around 14 years back from a Computer show in India.

In those days of early USB drives, it was USB version 1.0 or slightly enhanced version 1.1 that has a maximum data transfer capability of around 12 Mbps. But it was very vulnerable to limited number of read/write and data corruption. As the technology was new, those things were very common and there are very few items that accepts a standard USB drive.

But things started changing slightly when in 1998,  Apple decided to ditch traditional ports like Serial and Parallel ports in its iMac G3, and include only USB ports as a means of communication with other devices.

So, after Apple’s bold move, different manufacturers started manufacturing devices that was using only USB ports as interface medium. In year 2000, USB 2.0 arrives with a maximum data transfer speed of 480 Mbps and with plug-and-play capacity.

It is this year 2000, when world saw for the first time USB Flash Drive, offered by IBM and Trek Technology.

Today we have USB 3.0 and working on USB 4.0 (AKA USB 3.0 Gen 2) that can transfer data at a blazing fast speed of 5 Gbps. And capacity of 128GB, 256GB etc. are very common. Kingston even has a model DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 that has a whopping 1TB capacity. This kind of file transfer speed and size is needed to match today’s volume and sheer size of multimedia and other data to transfer from one place to another.

We even have Wireless USB Stick that can transfer data wirelessly.

But as mass people started using them widely, manufacturers are designing and manufacturing USB drives like crazy. From jewelry shape to anything like cars, Christmas tree, books, dolls, even wooden clip. If you search internet for awesome USB drives, you will get millions of beautiful pictures.

Below I am listing some USB Drives that mimics design from jewelry to cars. You can even buy them from the link provided if you wish. (This will help me as some of those are affiliate links and I shall get a little portion of your money if you buy them.)


Santa Claus USB Flash Drive



Christmas Tree USB Drives


These above-shown USB sticks could be very good gift for Christmas. You can buy them for your own delight or to gift someone you love. Especially kids who started learning computers in schools, will love those. Because, a single drive can have capacity from 1GB up to 64GB and is enough for storing their homework, multimedia, videos and photos.

Some other variations could be the following one:



Cartoon Character USB Drives.


Do you think it is an USB Drive? The USB socket is hidden inside the head. Click on it or here to see several pictures of how this cartoon is performing.

And here is a Spiderman:


And next is Iron Man



And Some various popular cartoon character:




Tom and Jerry


Micky Mouse


And a very special Hello-Kitty USB Drive


Now see this cute minions Dave, Tim and Stuart




Some Fruit Shape like this Pineapple


And this Strawberry..


A Car and a Motorcycle




Wrist Band USB Flash Drive

This colorful one you can wrap on your wrist.


Jewelry Style USB Drive

People love jewelry. Especially woman loves them very much. Woman in some Asian countries wants to wear jewelries everywhere in their body. But many dare to wear jewelries made of original gold, silver or platinum because of their high cost and possibility of theft when outside. So whenever possible, they were some imitation jewelries. Some office going woman can even use some kind of USB drives that looks like jewelry and they can wear them. This may also serve a purpose of hiding her own data inside her necklace or pendant.

So, manufacturers took advantage of this and made some fashionable jewelry style pen drives. Here are some:


This is Pendant style drive.


This is a tree leaf. USB connector hide smoothly inside it.


This a jewelry jeep key-chain we featured above.


This is an umbrella style drive.


This is beautiful guitar shaped drive you can gift to someone. Once you open it, the USB connector reveals.


This is another guitar drive.


People have even designed many frog keychains with beautiful jewely style look. Above is one of them.


A moon pendant style jewelry pen drive that you can wear in a party and nobody can tell you that it is a pen drive until they see the below picture.



And finally you can gift this to someone you love and who is very special to you.


The above was some awesome looking USB drives that you may buy from our store. Click on every image and it will take you there.

Now look at how far weird the drives has become, that may be available elsewhere.

Dead Drops


Perhaps you are not familiar with the above picture that a USB connector is popping out from a wall.

Meet Dead Drop. It is an offline, anonymous peer-to-peer file sharing network where USB Drives are embedded into walls in public spaces. You can plug your device such as a Laptop and share files, media, photos etc. with others. See an example video below. Very interesting concept indeed.

Canon Camera Style Drive


Batmobile Recycled 1980s Memory Drive



Rechargeable Battery Drive



Pliers USB Drive



A DirecTV Remote Drive



Alzheimers Awareness Eraser USB Drive


This is a drive that was designed for everyday use and for a specific purpose for people living in New Zealand. This is targetted to raises awareness of the disease’s early warning signs such as memory loss.


The Coca-Cola Drive


Some Concept USB Drive designed by Andrei

Andrei Lacatusu from Bucharest, Romania, conceptualized and designed few stunning USB drives using Photoshop. In his own word he describes this:

Memories stick, they don’t fade away. This is a personal project that illustrates a few devices that marked my childhood, presenting them as USB memory sticks… because memories stick!

These drives are of old devices like hand-held video games, an old-day TV sets, a compact cassette and similar that really ignite your old memory. See for yourself.













All photo courtesy Andrei Lacatusu and Behance

So, you can see there are numerous creative USB drive design that are available today. It is impossible to list everything here.

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